Project Execution

Dubai Euro Group has the capability to execute full scale construction projects for its clients.

Additionally, we are also fully capable of working with investors that wish to either be involved in an existing real estate project that we are working on, or who are able to fund a completely new project, the opportunities for which we can provide.

Furthermore, if the investor has their own project in mind we can work to assist them in completing by providing a complete range of project services, as mentioned below.

If you wish to invest in an existing project or start one of your own, contact us via the opposite contact form.

Project Execution Services

Project Planning

The Project Planning Phase is involves creating of a set of plans to help guide our team through the execution and closure phases of the project.

The plans created during this phase help us to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues. It will also help us manage our staff and our external suppliers, to ensure that we deliver your project on time and within budget.

Feasibility Studies

The consultant team develops the strategic brief sufficiently for feasibility studies and options appraisals to be carried out

Value Engineering

The combination of resources, connections, and expertise comes into play the moment when our project manager begins reviewing the architect and design team’s plans. At this point, the value engineering process involves pinpointing any potential problematic areas in the plan, from sourcing desired building materials to local codes and regulations that are in conflict with the existing plans. An emphasis is placed on discovering what can be done to effect maximum cost-containment. This can involve making optimum use of existing sourcing relationships, navigating logistics to minimize contractor downtime, and proactive site oversight to avoid costly, needless code violations.

Project Design

The lead designer co-ordinates the preparation of an initial concept design (including outline specification) and presents these initial concept design ideas to the client. The client considers whether the initial concept design ideas represent good design quality and makes comments to the lead designer who co-ordinates incorporation of these comments into the developing concept design.


The principal designer assesses and gives advice about any additional design information that is prepared by the contractor, specialist contractors or specialist designers (including temporary works) and the contractor updates the construction phase plan and re-issues it as required.

Facilities Management

DEREB is one of few multi-disciplined real estate asset management companies with direct access to specialized teams that can offer advice to maximize return-on-investment. As part of DEG our real estate broker company is one of the established property management firms in Dubai, we provide tailor-made property and asset management services designed to ensure individual landlords, whether residing in their country of investment or outside, can enjoy a hassle free experience.