Dubai Euro Furniture

Dubai Euro Group continues its success by creating Dubai Euro Furniture in 2001. We have the entire infrastructure for a successful furniture project.

We are familiar with the local and the international furniture brands. We have 2 showrooms in premium places in Dubai, also we have a warehouse for furniture. We have a team of architects, engineering and executives, who are very professional.

We design for our own projects such as our luxuries compound villas in premium location in Jumeirah and our residential and commercial buildings in all over Dubai. Also we executed many different projects for clients inside UAE.

We strongly believe in creativity, you’re always welcomed to discuss the ideas.

We as Dubai Euro Group are extremely interested to joint venture alongside well reputed international companies.

If you are an international furniture brand and you want to penetrate the UAE market, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the business opportunity.


If you are a client, kindly fill out the contact form to contact us about interior design services or furniture.


We, in our overall capacity as Dubai Euro Group are extremely interested to joint venture with well reputed international companies.

If you are a designer or represent a designing firm please get in touch via the following contact form.

Interior Design Projects

Dubai Euro Interior - 1
Dubai Euro Interior - 2
Dubai Euro Interior - 7
Dubai Euro Interior - 14
Dubai Euro Interior - 16
Dubai Euro Interior - 13
Dubai Euro Interior - 23
Dubai Euro Interior - 18
Dubai Euro Interior - 22


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